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Secure Your Crypto, Invest With Trust on Unicoin Dcx

Invest in Crypto With Trust on Unicoin Dcx | Unicoin Digital Capital Exchange


When talk comes on the topic of cryptocurrency trading, the first and foremost thing that comes in the mind is security. As crypto trading is purely online trading, the chances of phishing, scam, and hacking are heard frequently. We must be sure about the transaction security as well as the legitimacy of the Cryptocurrency Exchange. Once we get at least these two things assured, then we should try to know other things sideways. Here, we try to make clear why we suggest going with Unicoin DCX for cryptocurrency. As we know, decision making on investments in cryptocurrency is not a simple job because we need to validate so many things consciously. Let's see the important things that make any cryptocurrency exchange secured.

Security Features in Cryptocurrency

1. Separate Your Funds, Use Cold Storage

The trader funds are to kept separately in the hot wallet while trading, and it is to be kept aside in a cold wallet while no trading takes place. If funds have lied online in a hot wallet, there are chances of scam. Therefore, it is better to keep the unused funds in a cold wallet separately. There should be a facility of hot as well as a cold wallet for traders.

2. Two Factor Authentication

Double-check prevents hacking the wallet because the users can only open the wallet with the help of double security like one from email and the other from the phone number. These kinds of security features give extra confidence to traders. Sometimes although email is hacked, it is nearly impossible to hack phone numbers at the same time.

3. Phishing – Email and Web

It is reported that email or web browser may be hacked due to fishing. Therefore, the Cryptocurrency exchange web portal must be secured. When we go to a website that uses HTTPS (connection security), the website's server uses a certificate to prove the website's identity to browsers. Communication through email also should be end-to-end encrypted, so third parties cannot access the content.

4. Service Safety

Any channel that provides services to the customers must be secured like a telephonic conversation, email, system chatbot, or anything with a similar purpose. All these must complete with a proper plan and under secured & tested guidelines.

Investment Trust Factors

1. Government Affiliation

The exchange must be regulated under the land of law, which authenticates the overall system for trading mechanism. The government's approval build trust in the customer. One should check it before starting trade with any such Exchanges.  

2. Strong KYC

Strong compliance prevents unwanted issues in the organization, and the end customers also feel secured if they realize the KYC work is done properly. This is good for the benefit of the customer as well. It legally authenticates the customer under law.  

3. Transparent Transaction

There may be fees for services charges in form of transaction cost, wallet uses, conversion rate and all the charges must be clear and well-known to the user. Customers must know how much fees will be deducted or will be taken for service, and they may calculate it prior. Each fee list should be provided to a new customer, and this is a sign of a good cryptocurrency exchange.

4. Secure Wallet

A secured wallet is the ultimate need for cryptocurrency traders where they can rely on to keep the fund securely. So the wallet must be highly protected in many ways. Good Cryptocurrency Exchange always offers the best wallet to its users.

Unicoin DCX Profile

Unicoin Digital Capital Exchange is an exchange for Cryptocurrencies jointly promoted by Pride Holding and Partners. Pride Holding is chaired by Her Excellency Shaikha Moaza Obaid Suhail Al Maktoum, is a non-banking, private network of multi-national companies headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Founded in 1992, Pride has functioned in a decentralized process and has built a corporate community of over 10,000 employees. Over 3,000 independent representatives, affiliates, and brokers belonging to this network benefit from Pride's brand recognition as well as Pride's growing network.

Why Pick Unicoin DCX?

1. Well-Recognition

Unicoin DCX is recognized by the Malaysian government, and the company is operating as per the norms of government policy. The company has a good track record till now in the cryptocurrency exchange.  

2. Strong Compliance

This company has been following all the compliance for the operation of the business under expert guidance with rules and regulations. This company is abiding by the land of law.

3. High Security

Since cryptocurrency is blockchain-based, it already has high security. Also, Unicoin DCX has taken other major steps to assure the transaction under double-check. All the advance level of security level is implemented with each step of the process.

4. Competitive Transaction Cost

Fees are very competitive in comparison to other cryptocurrency exchanges with similar kind of services.

5. Wide Range of Products

Unicoin DCX provides almost all the major products in cryptocurrency pairs as well as they bring new products as per market demand.

6. User-Friendly Software

Trading software is one of the unique advantages of Unicoin DCX as it makes the traders easy to use and allow them to learn by themselves in a very short time. Users can avail the software services by computer, phone, and tablet.


Every company claims that they are the best with their services. We recommended choosing Unicoin DCX for cryptocurrency trading. However, we don't want everyone to trust blindly, and you can find the information provided as of right. If it goes with your parameters, then choose Unicoin DCX for your trade. It is not advisable to go behind the Ponzi scheme as it attracts and scam the fund. We recommend doing proper research before choosing any cryptocurrency exchange.