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Why Bitcoin is Becoming More Popular With Online Gamers?

Bitcoin is Popular With Online Gamers | Unicoin Digital Capital Exchange


Gamers in actual comprehend cryptocurrency because virtual money has been a part of gaming for a decade. There are token system or virtual coin in online game and Bitcoin is also virtual currency which cannot be seen or touched but can be collected in a wallet for the use of buying services and products. It makes the online gamer feel a similar kind of currency that they use for playing games, so they feel confident to use Bitcoin. Bitcoin has so many solutions for the necessity of players as well.  


Bitcoin is an advanced payment setup and an innovative type of currency. Bitcoin is based upon peer-to-peer technology to function with no central agency or banks; management of transactions and the delivery of Bitcoin is proceeded jointly by the net system. Bitcoin was invented a decade ago by Satoshi Nakamoto. Online gamers use this currency because of its unique features. The value of one Bitcoin is approximately is 10263.30 USD. Online Gamers use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for playing a game and collecting coins.

Online Gamers

As we know, all the Online Gaming Industry is growing very fast as compared to the previous time. While playing the game, a user needs to upgrade the level of the game, and they also need to have a new version of the game, then money required to pay for up-gradation or latest version. In such a situation, a gamer uses cryptocurrency for the transaction, and they prefer mainly Bitcoin because it is the most acceptable and renowned cryptocurrency in the world. There are so may advance type of online game available and popular among players. These players are keen to play always and earn coins also, which makes the games more interesting. There are so many reasons that are why such online games use Bitcoin for their transaction.

Reasons for Popularity

1. Cheaper

Bitcoin transactions are considered cheaper as compared to fiat currency. The online gamer chooses Bitcoin because its transaction is not expensive than other cryptocurrencies also. Moreover, it is a well-known cryptocurrency, and so it is widely available, acceptable, and recognizable. Online Gamer has to buy or transfer the coin frequently, which incurs cost. Therefore, users prefer the use of Bitcoin for playing games and earning coins.   

2. Safer

There are so many scams happening today while doing transactions. Therefore, online gamers trust only authorized transactions for their valued money. If they transfer the money, then it must be used for the same purposes but some time money is scammed so online gamer always prefer a better way to transfer the money and Bitcoin provide highly secured transaction. So online gamer uses Bitcoin as the best virtual currency for playing games.

3. Tokenization

Online Game players wish to convert their currency to their desirable token for playing a certain level of games and token is nothing but the kind of virtual currency for gaming purposes. Bitcoin is convertible to its desired token. Users can easily buy Bitcoin, and keep in their wallets and whenever it is required to use for token buying, then they use instantly. That's one of the key reasons why online games use Bitcoin for buying token or converting their crypto coin into a token.

4. Speedy Transaction

Speed is the need of time. Thus, where there is the speed in the business, there is growth.  The online game player also requires their transaction in a speedy way, and Bitcoin takes a maximum from 10 minutes to 15 minutes to validate the transaction. After validation of the transaction by miners, Bitcoin is securely transferred to the desired wallet. Online gamers like this quality of speed transaction, so they prefer this cryptocurrency. In contrast, it uses to take more time for transferring fiat currency and sometimes they need to visit a specific location as well.

5. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Bitcoin Aptness

Most of the online games are based upon artificial intelligence where players need and demand automatically popped up and informed on screen. They are told to have a new weapon, new level, new trick, new power, or token by the system. As per the gaming system suggestion, the user act to have such a need for proper playing. Artificial Intelligence is widely used in the gaming industry, and it is matching with the blockchain of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is suitable for the game which is based on artificial intelligence as both are technology-based setup.


Online game developers are using artificial intelligence and incorporating the Bitcoin into their system as per the preference of players. There are voluminous prevalent mobile games, like CryptoKitties, which uses crypto payment like Bitcoin. Due to the above-discussed excellence of Bitcoin, this is getting famous among the online gamers which fulfil their needs of the game. Games are designed in that way where cryptocurrency can be used for tokenization, and online gamers prefer Bitcoin as a top currency.