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    You can buy Bitcoin Cash easily either with bank transfer, debit card, credit card or by converting cryptocurrency to ringgit and USD.


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Get the Unicoin DCX app and take control of your BCH wheresoever you are.

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Do a lot with your Bitcoin Cash


Many customers will hold their Bitcoin Cash rather than selling, hoping the value of Bitcoin Cash raises. In UnicoinDCX, you can preserve your Bitcoin Cash.


You can easily sell your Bitcoin Cash from UnicoinDCX and transfer the funds to your Bank account in simple steps.

Buy other coins

You can buy other crypto coins with the existing Bitcoin Cash balance or other with other altcoin balance.


Use your Bitcoin Cash to make purchase globally. Bitcoin Cash are accepted all over the world for transactions.


You can also transfer your Bitcoin Cash to the private Bitcoin Cash wallet and other Bitcoin Cash wallets too.


You can offer your Bitcoin Cash coin to needy people in an intention to bring them up.

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Not restricted only for trading. Do even more with our trader application.