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Transaction charges

1 Maker Fee 0.30%
2 Taker Fee 1%
3 Fiat Money Deposit Fee As per banking Charges
4 Annual Maintenance Charge USD 5
5 Withdrawal Charge for Digital Asset
BTC 0.003BTC /1BTC
ETH 0.011 ETH/1 ETC
LTC 0.02 LTC/ 1 LTC
BCH 0.002 BCH/1 BCH
6 Fiat Money Withdrawl (USD) USD 1.5
7 Crypto Holding 0.125% on daily balance

– The order that creates the market depth is maker order and the order that kills the market depth is taker order. Market orders are taker orders. Pending orders may be considered as maker or taker order depending upon whether the order is creating the market depth or killing the market depth. Trader shall pay maker and taker fee for maker order and taker order respectively.

– Settlement Guarantee Fund: SGF will be collected as 10 % of the total transaction fee. SGF fund is secured in SGF account which is maintained as per the bye-laws and rules of the exchange.

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