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Top 10 Cryptocurrencies by Market Capitalization

  Name Market Cap Price
 currency img    Bitcoin$1,242,407,942,582$65,919.67
 currency img    Ethereum$557,345,295,719$4,711.99
 currency img    Binance Coin$108,837,829,351$654.35
 currency img    Tether$73,906,344,865$1.00
 currency img    Solana$73,585,972,400$243.72
 currency img    Cardano$68,429,107,662$2.06
 currency img    XRP$57,192,538,119$1.21
 currency img    Polkadot$46,327,565,497$46.92
 currency img    Dogecoin$34,825,412,284$0.2641
 currency img    USD Coin$34,393,598,502$1.00

Source : Coinmarketcap
Last Updated: 15th November 2021 (05:00 AM UTC)

Market Analysis (OHLC)

  Name Open High Low Close
 market currency img    BITCOIN$62329.66$68622.63$62329.66$64008.86
 market currency img    ETHEREUM$4608.15$4844.15$4548.14$4548.14
 market currency img    BITCOIN CASH$595.51$723.78$595.51$661.73
 market currency img    LITECOIN$199.37$290.48$199.37$266.83

Source : Coinmarketcap
Review Date: 8th November 2021 - 14th November 2021

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