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Types of Membership

Unicoin Digital Capital Exchange aims to connect with various market participants through a streamlined membership process with a standard fee structure. This aims to encourage broader engagement and participation from the prospective members in Cryptocurrencies trading. The membership of the exchange shall be open to all market participants and depending on their specific needs, we offer various categories of membership viz.

Types of Membership
Broker Member-Individual
Broker Member-Institutional

A. Broker

Broker is an institution or individual licensed by Exchange in accordance with criteria prescribed by the Exchange who have right to introduce Sub-Brokers and Clients. They act as a market facilitator to traders, providing advisory services, keeping their sub-brokers and clients updated and informed about any concerns regarding trading opportunities, handling grievances, thereby, ultimately bridging clients with Clearing House and Exchange.


  • Introduce Clients & Sub-brokers and income based on number of trades

  • Have support from the Exchange for promotions and business expansions

  • Expand its business arena by opening branches

  • Free trading console for their clients

  • Access client's trade information through web admin provided to the brokers

  • Online Client Registration system

  • 24 hours support available

  • Availability of Manager Console to monitor the market and communicate with the clients and sub-brokers through online chat

Clients are the market participants from Digital Asset market who carryout actual trade and transact in the form of Buying & Selling or vice versa. They are involved in trading activities like speculating, hedging, arbitraging for risk mitigation from price volatility or profit-making from price volatility itself.


Buy, Store, Sell

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