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UNIQ is a token based on Ethereum based (ERC20) blockchain network. It’s the official token of the exchange. As a part of a Unicoin DCX ecosystem, it provides users multiple benefits which are savings on trading fees, ability to buy/sell for value enhancement, and a reliable medium for a transaction. UNIQ token helps to make crypto and non-crypto transaction which also makes it a very versatile token.

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UNIQ Token Burn

The goal of UNIQ token burn is to remove a certain quantity of tokens from circulating supply that will safeguard the value and credibility of UNIQ token in the long run. The burning process starts from allocating a certain number of UNIQ tokens into a frozen private address which is called a burn address. This address is meant to be a receive-only address with no possibility of withdrawal as these addresses are without a Private key. This will ultimately eliminate the given number of tokens out of circulation therefore officially burned.

Every quarter, we will destroy 10 % of our total earning in UNIQ tokens to ensure the long-term valuation based on usability and transactions.

Burning will be based on a transaction in the exchange platform that shall continue until 50% of tokens are left in circulation.

Out of 200 million 100 million will be burned over a period that can be tracked and confirmed through blockchain.

All tokens' transaction details will be reflected on the blockchain.

The limited number of tokens (100 million) in circulation will ensure the value and credibility of the crypto asset.

UNIQ Token

Blockchain supported by Ethereum (ERC20) network providing reliable, tamper-proof and easy to use smart contract with multiple areas of application.



Use UNIQ to make payments for various purpose in crypto and non-crypto world



UNIQ provides affordable way to make investment in the world of cryptocurrencies for long term benefits



UNIQ eliminated the third party for taking cuts in investor return and provides unparalleled liquidity to ride the market opportunities



Use UNIQ token to make a payment for your transaction in Unicoin network



Enjoy a saving up to 50 percent while trading and investing in crypto pairs in Unicoin network

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