Upgrading the trading, to the next leap.


To lead the blockchain revolution in order to create a global crypto marketplace where buyers and sellers can buy, sell and trade Cryptocurrencies of their choice in most secured and trusted manner.


  • To create a market place with global reach

  • To provide a most secure and trusted platform for buyer and seller

  • To list approved global IEOs (initial coin offerings) and STOs (security token offerings)

  • To provide listing and cross-listing facilities for compliant IEOs and STOs

  • To facilitate the ability of buyer-seller to transact through a wallet, in a most secure way

  • To establish fair price discovery mechanism for crypto currencies and smart contracts

  • To develop and implement a crypto coin

  • To establish a secure financial transaction and settlement system

  • To ensure full compliance with anti-money laundering laws and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (CFT)

  • To establish a global standard in crypto currencies trading


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