Users that have enabled paying trade commission using UNIQ tokens will enjoy a 50% discount. Example: If UNIQ’s market price is at USD 0.50

Total Commission

Not paid using UNIQ

Paid using UNIQ

USD 10.00

USD 10.00

USD 5.00 = 10 UNIQs

All calculations are done automatically when trade is executed. If the user does not hold sufficient UNIQs at the time of trade, the full trade commission will be charged instead.

The discount value will be reduced after the 1st Year of our launch and subsequent years based on the schedule below:

1st Year

2nd Year

3rd Year

4th Year

50% discount

25% discount

12.5% discount

To be reviewed

In the 4th Year, we will review whether to discontinue the discounts or maintain at a certain percentage based on our user feedback and UDCX recommendations.