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Updated Date: 9th April, 2019

Cookie Policy – Unicoin Digital Capital Exchange

Unicoin Digital Capital Exchange, a digital capital exchange with its principal place of business in various parts of the world (“Company,” “we,” or “our”), is committed to protect your personal information and ensuring your experience with us is as safe and as enjoyable as possible. The cookie policy explains the use of cookies and similar technologies when the user visits our website i.e. www.unicoindcx.com or other websites, email content, mobile applications, software that we operate. Moreover, the Cookie Policy should be read in conjunction with our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use and also explain how we use cookies within our websites and other websites, email content, mobile applications, software that we operate (collectively identified as "website")

What are cookies?

Cookies and other similar technologies (collectively ‘cookies’) are small files containing little amount of information which are downloaded to any internet-enabled device like a computer, mobile phone or tablet at times of visiting our website.

Cookies are sent back to the website on each visit, or to another website that recognizes that cookie. Cookies are useful in various areas such as modifying content, personalizing website content, safeguarding user online experience, improving your online experience, and helping us to offer you the best product and services. Cookies are of several types which function similarly with small differences.

Use of cookies

We use cookies to make the website easier to use, to deliver a bespoke experience on the website, and to better tailor our products, services, and website to your interests and needs. Cookies are used to help, speed up your future activities and your experience on our website.The cookies you approve, are also used to collect your personal data, which then can be used to deliver the targeted advertising to meet your requirement and limit the number of times you see an ad.

We use cookies to a mass anonymous statistics that allow us to recognize how users use our website and also help us improve content, structure and also evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns on our websites. There are various kinds of non-personal information that we collect and use as per the above description. The kind of non-personal information includes, but is not limited to are, how you use our services, information about your language, device identifier, zip code, location, time zone, various activities regarding customer services on our website and associated data.

What cookies do we use?

We use various kinds of cookies on the website which are categorized as follows:

  • Necessary cookies:

    These cookies maintain your personal privacy as it doesn’t reveal your personal identity but are essential as they help to maneuver our services and associated features in the website. These cookies help to remember the basic data you have entered previously. However, this cookies doesn’t identify you as a person. Failure to accept this cookie will result in the performance of the website.

  • Performance cookies:

    These cookies gather information about how you interact with our website. The kind of interaction includes most visited page, most time spent page, and error in pages in the course of using website. These cookies also provide information to affiliate, if you visit us through them and perform certain activities, whose information were there in an affiliate. These cookies don’t identify you as an individual and information collected are anonymous. The goal is to improve the website to suit your requirement.

  • Functionality cookies:

    These cookies let the website to remember various choices that you make which includes your name, language, area, and country you are using from, in order to customized your personal experience in the website. We also use session cookies which expires once you log out from your account or close your browser. The information collected by these cookies can include personal data which are disclosed to the website. Failure to accept these cookies will directly affect the performance and functionality of the website.

  • Targeted /Advertising cookies:

    These cookies are used to tailor the content to be delivered based on your interest. These also help to deliver the customized advertisement, limitation on the number of advertisement that you view, and evaluate the effectiveness of the advertisement that you are viewing. These kinds of cookies track you via your IP address, a device unique identification which may result in the collection of personal data. However, your personal name, contact details or any other sensitive personal information are not disclosed unless you choose to provide this information.

  • Third - Party Cookies

    We may use various partners for associated services that are a part of your usages of our products and services when you use our website. Therefore, these services providers can set certain cookies in your devices, on our behalf, at the time of visiting our website. Depending on the kind of cookies used by our associated service providers, the information thus collected may include personal data as well.

Duration of the cookies stay, on your browsing device

In terms of categorizing the duration of cookies, it includes session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary in nature that expires once you log out from your account or close your browser. On the other hand, Persistent cookies are longer version cookies which remain in your device unless you manually delete it. The duration of cookies that remain in your device can vary depending upon the kind of information and your browser settings.

Management of cookies and related technology

You have complete authority about the management of cookies. You can decide to accept or reject cookies or set preferences. However, in doing so, you may not be able to use all of our services and use all the features of our website. You can always use the browser settings to modify or delete cookies by following the browser’s specified process.

Update of cookie policy

The Cookie policy is updated from time to time in order to address the changes that comes due to operational changes, legal requirement, regulatory requirement and safety of our customer and user.


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