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Japan to lift the ban on foreign stablecoins like USDT in 2023: Report

None of the 31 crypto exchanges registered with Japan's Financial Services Agency are currently offering trading in stablecoins like USDT or USDC.

27/12/2022    |    Volume 05    |    07

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Kazakhstan central bank recommends a phased CBDC rollout between 2023-25

Kazakhstan’s central bank recommended making the in-house CBDC available as early as 2023 with a phased expansion of functionality and introduction into commercial operation until the end of 2025.

23/12/2022    |    Volume 05    |    06

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Bank of England opens applications for 'proof of concept' CBDC wallet

The central bank is budgeting nearly $255,000 to develop a central bank digital currency sample wallet that could execute basic features such as transactions and payment requests.

12/12/2022    |    Volume 05    |    05

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Ukraine collabs with international consultants to update crypto framework

The Advisory Council on the Regulation of Virtual Assets held its first meeting, dedicated to adjusting the National Tax Code to the crypto market.

05/12/2022    |    Volume 05    |    04

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IMF calls for tighter crypto regulation in Africa as the industry unfolds

FTX’s collapse is one of the reasons why countries in the region should adopt regulation, noted the monetary fund.

28/11/2022    |    Volume 05    |    03

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Russian bill would legalize crypto mining, sales under ‘experimental legal regime’

The bill provides a legal definition of mining and mining pools and would create a domestic cryptocurrency market in Russia’s latest step to integrate digital assets into its economy.

21/11/2022    |    Volume 05    |    02

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New York Fed collaborates with Singapore MAS to explore CBDCs

A joint effort is aimed at assessing the possible use of wholesale central bank digital currencies in cross-border transactions.

14/11/2022    |    Volume 05    |    01

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Canada to examine crypto, stablecoins and CBDCs in new budget

Canada’s government stated its concerns about the risks digital assets and the digitalization of money may pose to its financial system as a reason for launching the consultation.

07/11/2022    |    Volume 04    |    52

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5,000 miles apart: Thailand and Hungary to jointly explore blockchain tech

The pact between the two nations’ financial technology associations will see cooperation on technology, including blockchain, to power their respective financial industries.

31/10/2022    |    Volume 04    |    51

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Amendment to UK financial services bill provides regulation for crypto activities

The bill addressed stablecoin regulation from the start. Now, the Financial Conduct Authority will be empowered to regulate activities with crypto assets if the amended bill passes.

24/10/2022    |    Volume 04    |    50

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