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New Amendments to French Finance Bill Would Ease Taxes for Crypto-Related Revenue

The Finance Committee of the French National Assembly has adopted amendments to a tax bill that would tax crypto as capital income.

12/11/2018    |    Volume 01    |    05

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Hong Kong securities regulator to propose 'sandbox' for crypto exchanges

HONG KONG (Reuters) - Hong Kong's Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) will propose a regulatory regime known as a "sandbox" for crypto exchanges in the Asian financial hub, its Chief Executive Ashley Alder said on Thursday.

05/11/2018    |    Volume 01    |    04

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Bakkt Could Obtain Bitcoin Futures Regulatory Approval as Early as Next Week

The launch of Intercontinental Exchange’s cryptocurrency venture can be a game changer. Bakkt, as this platform is called, bridges the gap between Bitcoin and institutional traders.

29/10/2018    |    Volume 01    |    03

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European Regulation Is on the Way, Crypto Exchanges Had Best Be Prepared

The European Union does not need to seek out any problems for the moment, with the highly publicized ‘divorce’ from the UK taking place in the full media spotlight, but it’s easy to forget that, as things stand, the EU is also taking its approach to cryptocurrency, and cryptocurrency exchanges seriously.

22/10/2018    |    Volume 01    |    02

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Crypto Regulations for UK Could Take Two Years, Says Legal Expert

An expert from major British law firm RPC stated that the introduction of a crypto regulatory framework in the U.K. could take two years.

15/10/2018    |    Volume 01    |    01

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