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India aims to develop crypto SOPs during G20 presidency — Finance minister

Sitharaman has previously called for global collaboration to decide on crypto's future and has been cautious against mainstream crypto adoption citing risks to financial stability.

17/10/2022    |    Volume 04    |    49

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European Parliament Committee passes MiCA crypto framework in landslide vote

Members of the committee passed the crypto framework policy in a vote of 28 in favor and one against, with a final vote expected with the full Parliament soon.

11/10/2022    |    Volume 04    |    48

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Australian pilot CBDC test for eAUD to commence mid-2023: RBA White Paper

The key objectives of the project are to identify and understand innovative business models, use cases, benefits, risks and operational models for a CBDC in Australia.

26/09/2022    |    Volume 04    |    47

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European Central Bank chooses Amazon and 4 other firms to prototype digital euro app

The five fintech, payments and e-commerce firms will create front-end prototypes for the digital euro, which will not be used in later phases of the CBDC project.

19/09/2022    |    Volume 04    |    46

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SEC to address growing crypto issuer filings with specialized offices

The upcoming Office of Crypto Assets will review crypto filings, allowing DRP to refocus on filing review issues related to crypto assets.

12/09/2022    |    Volume 04    |    45

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Brazilian SEC seeks to change its role in cryptocurrency regulation

Resistant to overseeing the space in the past, the agency said it now plans to work on the definition of virtual assets.

05/09/2022    |    Volume 04    |    44

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Singapore MAS examines crypto firms ahead of new regulations: Report

The MAS reportedly asked crypto firms about their owned tokens, top lending and borrowing counterparties, loans and top tokens staked via DeFi.

05/09/2022    |    Volume 04    |    43

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CBDCs only solution to ‘smooth continuation’ of the monetary system: ECB

The European Central Bank working paper sought to identify issues and consensus regarding CBDCs, as well as to identify gaps in the research — such as what users want.

22/08/2022    |    Volume 04    |    42

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Russia plans to roll out digital ruble across all banks in 2024

Bank of Russia started CBDC testing in 2022 and expects to implement an official banking rollout in the year of presidential elections in 2024.

15/08/2022    |    Volume 04    |    41

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Japan may see a reduced 20% tax on crypto earnings with new proposal

The proposal calls for a separate 20% tax on crypto earnings and exemptions of any tax on crypto gains, with losses carried forward for up to three years.

08/08/2022    |    Volume 04    |    40

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